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What is WAARTSY?

WAARTSY is actually a free platform for all mining engineers to share and exchange their knowledge but it is not limited to mining only. All Engineering people are most welcome to this site to share engineering ideas. People can win cash also for sharing best quality articles.

Why this is important for you?

This platform is made for all engineering students, industrial managements, employer/ employees, contractors and clients. It will ease your effort to-
– Find the best contractor for your mining project
– Find the best client to prove your expertize
– Find the best employee for your industry
– Find the best employer to prove your knowledge and for your personal career growth
– Use WAARTSY as freelancing. Write article and get paid.
– WAARTSY will help you to find your relevant job in other sectors also

Should I spend money to take a subscription?

NO. All the above mentioned features are free to use in this platform. Just sign up by registering the registration form. After that you will be a member of WAARTSY group permanently. You will get the authority to share your knowledge in terms of articles and videos and you will receive our all the important notifications.

Can I upload videos and earn money?

Yes. This is also a best way to earn hard cash. If you are not expert in English grammar, then you can post copyright free video and earn money.

Do you have any Pro-service for better quality?

No. You don’t need to spend money for better quality. We are always trying our best to give you full satisfaction within bound time-frame.  And you can always complain by contacting us, if you are not satisfied with our services. But yes, we are thinking about some more ideas to bring some products and packages with very minimum cost, which need to be delivered physically to your doorstep.

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