Rock Breaker Vs Rock Splitter: The best option for Hard rock

To determine the suitability of any equipment in construction site or mining site, it is very much required to determine the cutability/ drilability or blastability factor of rock or soil. But as I do not have received sufficient data from your side, I can only asume some details from best of my knowledge after watching the video you have provided in youtube. I have watched the video you have mentioned and considered the following parameters from the best of my geotecchnical knowledge— 1. The area of interest is completely on rock not soil 2. The rock strength (UCS) is high to very high (100 to 150 MPA) 3. The interested depth is 1m to 1.5m


What is Geo-technical Engineering: Early history and the development of rock and soil engineering

Actually everything you see around you is supported by rock or soil and geotechnical engineers are responsible for that to prevent failure of those materials. Anything that is not supported by soil or rock, either floats, flies or falls down. Geo-technics and geo-technical engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with both soil and rock behavior in an engineering and technical perspective. It actually involves assessing slope stability, ground stability and the risk of landslides, rock fall and avalanches.

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